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Product Title : A09252 HMS VICTORY 1:180
Product Code : A09252

Description : Launched on May 7th 1765, HMS Victory gained its fame by becoming Admiral Nelson flagship during the Battle of Trafalgar in 1805. The victory at this battle ended Napoleons bid for mastery of the sea, but cost Admiral Nelson
Scale : 1:180
Price (In SGD) : 91.90
Net Weight : 1.85 Kg
Quantity :  Pack    (Min Order Qty. 1)
Product Title : A10280 German E Boat 1:72
Product Code : A10280

Description : German E Boat (A10280) The German E-Boat was a high speed torpedo boat used by the German Navy during World War II. Not only were these boatsfast, but heavily armed, very seaworhty and far in advance of the British Royal Nava
Scale :
Price (In SGD) : 89.70
Net Weight : 8.00 Kg
Quantity :  Pc    (Min Order Qty. 1)
Product Title : A98668 Sea Rescue Gift Set 1:72
Product Code : A98668

Description : This amazing Airsea Rescue Set consists of a RNLI Severn Class Lifeboat and Westlands Sea King Helicopter.
Scale :
Price (In SGD) : 108.15
Net Weight : 8.00 Kg
Quantity :  Pc    (Min Order Qty. 1)
Product Title : 07280-RNLI Severn Class Lifeboat (1:72)
Product Code : 07280

Description : Introduced to the RNLI in 1995, the all-weather Severn Class Lifeboat is the largest in their fleet. It has a range of 250 Nautical miles and a top speed of 25 knots. It also carries a powered Y boat that can be launch.
Scale : 1/72
Price (In SGD) : 64.60
Net Weight : 1.05 Kg
Quantity :  Pc    (Min Order Qty. 1)

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