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Product Detail: Electronic Controller PMTR2051

Product Title : Electronic Controller PMTR2051
Product Code : PMTR2051
Product Description : Scalextric Sport Home Track "Gold" Model Electronic Slot Racing Controller - direct compatible plug- in with 6 foot long leads & a 3.5mm 3 conductor plug (with brakes) - NEGATIVE polarity
Scale :
Features : Variable sensitivity feature with external adjusting knobs, a power pilot indicator light and a glue-on heat sink (to accommodate high performance motors) direct mounted to the semiconductors are added over the PMTR2044
Price (in SGD) : 189.00
Net Weight (in Kg) : 0.35
Minimum Order Quantity : 1
Package Detail : Red, Blue or Clear Handle
Quantity :  Pc    (Min Order Qty. 1)
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