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Product Detail: A05301 Supacat HMT 400 Jackal (1/48)

Product Title : A05301 Supacat HMT 400 Jackal (1/48)
Product Code : A05301
Product Description : Designed and developed by Supacat at their facility in Devon, England, the Jackal or MWMIK (Mobility Weapon- Mounted Installation Kit) is a wheeled, armoured vehicle used by the British Army.
Scale : 1/48
Features : Its primary role is one of deep battlefield reconnaissance as well as rapid assault and convoy protection. In all of these roles, good mobility and visibility are paramount and it is in these areas that the Jackal excels.
Price (in SGD) : 48.95
Net Weight (in Kg) : 0.20
Minimum Order Quantity : 1
Package Detail : Speed: 80mph on road, 49mph cross-country Weight: 6.7 Tons Length: 5.39m Width: 2m Armament 1 x 12.7mm machine gun or 40mm grenade launcher plus 1 x 7.62 GPMG
Quantity :  Box    (Min Order Qty. 1)
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