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Product Detail: C08012 Stratos 4 TSR.2MS (1/72)

Product Title : C08012 Stratos 4 TSR.2MS (1/72)
Product Code : C08012
Product Description : New Tool In the second millennium, after a collision with space debris, Space Station No. 7 has begun to fall from its orbit and will hit the earth within 72 hours.
Scale : 1/72
Features : Included in the kit are parts for the Trident Missile used in standard meteorite interception missions as well as the Riot Warhead Missile introduced in STRATOS 4 X.
Price (in SGD) : 76.55
Net Weight (in Kg) : 1.07
Minimum Order Quantity : 1
Package Detail : New decals for aircraft numbers MS1014 and MS1016 which appeared in the OVA Series STRATOS 4 X and STRATOS 4 ADVANCE are also included as well as decals for the original British TSR-2 prototype aircraft from the 1960s.
Quantity :  Box    (Min Order Qty. 1)
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